Copies of these publications can be downloaded from the links below or requested through ResearchGate ( Publicly accessible data and statistical analyses can be downloaded from FigShare (

Peer-Reviewed Manuscripts


Accepted, Submitted, and In Preparation: 

  • Fuentes MMPB, Meletis ZA, Wildermann N, Ware M (Under Review) Conservation interventions to reduce sea turtle vessel strikes: A case study in southern Florida. Marine Policy.
  • Siegfried et al. (Under Review) Validating the use of stereo-video cameras to measure sea turtles in-situ. Endangered Species Research.
  • Ware et al. (In Prep) Mapping wave exposure of loggerhead sea turtle nests in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Remote Sensing.
  • Silver-Gorges et al. (In Prep) Using systems thinking to inform management of endangered species: A case study with sea turtles. Ecological Indicators.

Technical Reports


  • Fuentes MMPB, Ware M, Meletis ZA, Wildermann N (2019) Management options to reduce sea turtle vessel strikes in southern Florida. Technical report to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Washington DC. 55 p.
  • Ware M, Long JW, Fuentes MMPB (2018) Assessment of inundation threat to sea turtle nests to improve management practices in Alabama: final report to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Montgomery, AL. 24 pp.
  • Ware M, Fuentes MMPB (2017) Assessing the need and implications of sea turtle nest relocation: technical report to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Moss Point, MS. 28 p.

In Preparation

  • IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group (In Prep) Sea turtles in the northwestern Atlantic and Caribbean region: MTSG annual regional report. Report of the IUCN-SSCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group.

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