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Dr. Matt Ware with a male loggerhead sea turtle


Welcome! Feel free to have a look around. This page is dedicated to the ongoing research and conservation efforts of Dr. Matt Ware as part of the University of North Carolina Wilmington Center for Marine Science. If you have any comments or questions about anything on this site, please feel free to reach out!

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A running list of the currently available journal articles, technical reports, and other media, as well as those in progress, can be found under the Publications tab with their associated links for document download.

An undergraduate student releasing a juvenile green sea turtle

Field Photos

We love being out in the field! The salty air, the cool water, sand between your toes, plus a few charismatic creatures – what’s not to love? Check out some shots from our fieldwork to see what we do and where we have the honor to work.

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Scientiæ Cedit Mare

“The sea yields to knowledge”

If we are to conserve what we have, and regain what we’ve lost, we must understand how Mother Nature works and where we fit in.

Only through dedication and hard work can we make a better world for ourselves and those we love.

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