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Florida State University

Fall 2020
GLY 4751C Introduction to Remote Sensing, Air Photo Interpretation, and GIS for the Earth Sciences
GLY 5757C Fundamentals of Remote Sensing, Air Photo Interpretation, and GIS for the Earth Sciences

Course Summary: This course is an introduction to the: 1) principles of electronic and photographic imaging acquired from aircraft and satellites; 2) physics of the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and materials of Earth’s surface; and 3) use of digital image analysis and GIS in the study of Earth resources and global change.

Learning Objectives: By the end of this course, students should be able to –

  • Describe what a Geographic Information System (GIS) is and how it is used in technical and non-technical applications
  • Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental GIS and remote sensing concepts, including competency in the use of common software (e.g., ArcMap, R) found in GIS and remote sensing workflows
  • Identify appropriate sources of available GIS and remote sensing data from private, non-profit, local, state, federal, and/or international entities based on a critical evaluation of the research or management question at hand

Guest Lectures:

Fall 2021 Florida State University OCE 4930/OCC 5930 Professional Skills Development
– GIS Fundamentals (2 lectures) as part of this Special Topics course which was developed in consultation with the Department’s graduate student body to address perceived gaps in the current curriculum

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